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It's a Beautiful World

I visited a golf course restaurant today. This is my first time at a golf course, and I found it fascinating. A place that is a magnet for any person with money and status. Where they come mainly to socialise with others with money and status. We sat on the high deck above a stream, and watched the players. They drove in their golf carts, stopped, had a chat, scored a few holes. They then proceeded to the restaurant and downed glasses of cold beer. They saw us, said hello and wished us a pleasant day. After about half an hour, they got up, and one of them said to the others, "It's a beautiful world." And off they went.

A beautiful world. These days, you don't hear this being said much. I told T that if we were now in a restaurant in the heart of a big city and not between mountains in the middle of nowhere, we wouldn't hear such a disclaimer. If we weren't in a place with breathtaking views and huge mountains around us; if we weren't disconnected from the world, we might not believe it either.

A beautiful world. How refreshing to hear such truth.

Having said that, I must announce that I won't be writing posts for the next two weeks due to poor internet connection.

The good news is that when I return, I'm guessing I'll have a lot of good stories to share with you. I promise most of them will be better than this last one.

Keep well.

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Love seeing this beautiful world through your eyes. Waiting in anticipation for what's to come :)



Short but profound. It is a beautiful world and it takes reminders of the beautiful landscape of creation to remember. B"H. Thank you Moriah for your words up till now which have been so captivating. I look forward to when you start again.

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